Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Slack, slack, slack ...

I don't know what's come over me. Since writing the article about Andrew Hilditch, I've just had this over powering urge to do very little and see how things turn out and when I have written anything, its been totally inaccurate and against what everyone thought I would write.

OMG ... I think I'm channelling TCOS.

Help me ... please ...

... of to Newcastle over the weekend. Maybe I'll find some inspiration in the city of Holland and Gilmour. Let's see, one carried the name of a serial killer - not to be confused with Brett Lee, who is cereal killer - and the other is best friends with a man so Quirky he even bears the label. Dougie came from near there but I've already immortalised the Dungog Kid in verse and I possess no greater gift.

Must put some time back into the bigger picture. My days are spent in digital countdown on City United's affairs - a noble pursuit to be sure along pathways that meander up garden paths as they did at Waratahs, twenty years ago in the land of one day summers. Its just that the big stars are so much easier to trash as they aren't as likely to come around to your house and rip out your tomato plants as much as disgruntled club members upset with how you wrote them up in match reports. I've loved compiling the website but I'm yearning for some mixed metaphors at the SCG.

Perhaps I'll start back at Newcastle but wait a few weeks. Just before Chirstmas, the Vics come a visiting to No.1 Oval in the former Steel City ... the other one ... the northern one ... oh, bloody Newcastle then. Good chance to see a lot of Test players and that forgotten man of Australian Cricket ... ah ... what's his name? Hoddernot? Hogeworth? Justin Hodges? (close but no cigar ... no, that was a White House intern). Hopefully I'll think of it before Dec 19th.

Better get that quiz running again. Novel idea - how about readers pose questions. Send them to me at and I'll use them in the Quiz, including a recognition of who posed the question. Preference for cricket questions is more than implied.

Ah bed ... I sleep perchance to dream ...