Monday, 26 October 2015

Cricket In Verse

When Dougie Did The Double
In my other life, I am a published poet. In the light of the recent NSW Veterans Carnival held in Tamworth, click on the titles below to link to a couple of poems about the great and wonderful game.

The first, Why Are They Laughing, is particularly pertinent, as it describes the gathering of old mates from the Waratahs Cricket Club, formerly of Armidale, to play in a over 40's carnival in Lismore. They all arrived in various stages of mid-life, when men are asking themselves questions they are not sure they want to answer. This isn't about being Peter Pan, its about mateship that never ends, which can reach out across years and distance. It's from my first collection of poems, Six Nines, which has just been released in a second edition.

The second, When Dougie Did The Double, is one of my favourites. It describes a February day in 1969, when I was taken to my first day of Test cricket and watched the hero of my until then TV Test cricket matches, Doug Walters, score a double century against Gary Sobers' West Indians. It's about the glorious days of our youth and the impressions which stay richly with us "down these winding corridor of years". This is from my second collection, Head Full of Whispers.

If you are interested in knowing more about my poetry, my work with the Black Dog Institute or perhaps buying any of my books or photos, go to the Six Nines Imagery website.